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Supply / Install

Bournville Heating Service have over 40 years experience in installing (warm air heaters). Our team will be only too happy to respond to any enquiries you may have regarding the supply or installation of any appliance.


Manufacturers recommend that Gas Appliances are serviced on an annual basis to avoid the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, fire and breakdown. It is essential to you safety that your appliance is properly maintained in accordance with Health and Safety legislations and CORGI guidelines.

Bournville Heating Service gives peace of mind to over 10,000 customers in the west midlands. Servicing your (warm air heaters) offers safety, economy and enables commercial organisations to conform to health and safety legislation.

If you require a service or inspection to your gas appliances call our office on 0121-753 3456 during normal office hours or click here any time.

Repair & Emergency Service

Gas appliances occasionally fail and inevitably need speedy repair. Bournville Heating Service has a team of professional, qualified CORGI approved technicians, who respond in the fastest possible time.

Emergency and out of hours service is also available. Our automated telephone answering service is monitored outside office hours by our team of field technicians who will respond to your call by return.

Call our office on 0121-753 3456 for emergencies.

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