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Room Thermostat

A room thermostat allows you to set the temperature which is most comfortable for your home. While the central heating is switched on, your room thermostat will maintain this temperature by automatically turning your boiler on and off.

Energy Saver Room Thermostat

This provides all the benefits of a standard room thermostat with the added advantage of Optimum Start capability, a money-saving feature which automatically reduces the warm up times for your heating system. As the weather becomes milder, Optimum Start can delay the heating start-up times so that fuel is not wasted by bringing rooms up to temperature earlier than necessary. A save button is incorporated, which allows you to manually enter or exit the Optimum Start facility when the heating is on.

Boiler Energy Manager

Energy Managers sense the outside air temperature and the temperature of your hot water when it returns to your boiler, and adjust the heating in your home accordingly. They ensure that the required room temperatures are achieved at the correct times, and can improve the efficiency of your boiler - saving you energy and reducing your running costs.

Cylinder Thermostat

A cylinder thermostat allows you to set a suitable temperature for your hot water. This helps prevent your hot water overheating and can save energy. It can also help to prevent scale building up in your cylinder which can effect the performance of your system. Cylinder thermostats ensure water temperatures are hot enough for washing-up and baths, but not too hot to scald.

Frost Thermostat

Frost thermostats switch your boiler on when the temperature falls below a minimum level. By doing this they help prevent freezing which can cause damage such as burst pipes. It also helps to protect boiler and system components, especially if they are installed in an outbuilding.

Thermostat Radiator Valves

These control individual radiators and allow you to keep rooms at different temperatures. They are easily installed to existing radiators and are particularly useful where heat gain from other sources affects room temperatures (i.e. rooms with fires, suntraps etc.) They can also help to prevent wasteful overheating.

Programmable Thermostat

A 24 hour programmable thermostat allows you to select different temperatures for various times of the day. This means you can programme your heating to be cooler during the early evening yet have it warmer later on. 7 day versions are available which allows for different settings for each day of the week. For example, you could set a warmer temperature for later in the morning at weekends.

Universal Timeswitch - Single Channel

A 24 hour electronic timeswitch automatically turns your heating on and off at least twice a day, so that it only comes on when you want it. The British Gas Universal Timeswitch has the added advantage in that it allows you to select different on and off times for each day of the week, or alternatively different time settings for just the weekend period.

Universal Programmer - Two Independent Channels

With a 24 hour Fully Electronic Programmer, you can switch your heating and hot water on and off at least twice a day at the times you set. Because the channels are independent, this allows one range of time settings for heating and another for hot water, so you can conveniently pogramme different times for each to come on. The British Gas Universal Programmer allows for independent heating and hot water settings, at different times on different times on different days.

Electronic Programmer - Three Channels

With three independent channels, this programmer means you can control hot water and two heating zones (upstairs and downstairs, for example). It will automatically switch each channel on and off independently of each other according to your needs. This model needs to be installed with additional zone control.

System Design Update

By converting from gravity circulation to a fully pumped heating and hot water system you can improve the efficiency of your water heating system. A cylinder thermostat, new circulating pump and motorised valve are included in the package which allow you to heat the hot water separately from the heating. An additional benefit is that your hot water will heat up quicker, which could save you money. And if incorporated with an appropriate programmer, you will be able to set independent times for both your hot water and central heating to switch on and off.

Fast Cylinder

This provides a faster heat-up time for your hot water. It is a pre-insulated cylinder with CFC-free foam to reduce heat loss and energy waste, and ensures a more efficient transfer of heat which could save you money and energy.

Additional Zone Control

A simple alteration to your system equips you with a second heating zone (controlled with either a programmable room thermostat or the third channel on a 3 channel programmer). It gives you greater control over different parts of your heating system by separating upstairs and downstairs heating circuits

Room Thermostat (wireless)

This type of room thermostat requires no wiring and transmits heating instructions to a special receiver unit installed in your new or existing boiler. This means that there's no need to decorate after its installation.

Programmable Room Thermostat (wireless)

Similar to above, these room thermostats offer the added benefit of being 24 hour or 7 day programmable. Again, there is no need for re-decorating following their installation as the thermostats transmit heating instructions to a special receiver unit at the boiler.

Remote Control Heating

The exclusive Remote Control Heating package available from British Gas includes a high quality combination boiler and integral programmer which allows you to operate the system remotely, giving you complete control over your heating and hot water.

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